My top ten easy main courses to make for friends

I have to admit, I’m not the best cook, although I am working on it.  I tend to like to experiment, but my concoctions are not always palatable for others to eat, and being a pescetarian, my opinions of how meat should be cooked are not always the general opinion, so I have a few fail safes that never let me down.  These recipes don’t use too exotic ingredients, are fairly easy to make and some can be made ahead of time which is always a bonus.  Happy cooking 🙂


  1. Lasagne

Simple and yet this can be soooo tasty.  Really easy to make and can be made in advance this is a great one to make for when friends are coming round and you don’t want to be ine kitchen too much.  This can also be turned into a vegetarian or vegan dish quite easily.  One of my favourite vegetarian lasagne’s is Jamie Oliver’s Spinach lasagne.

  1. Fish soufflé

OK this isn’t actually a soufflé, but has a crunchy, somewhat soufflé-like topping and is so difficult to get wrong, try it out 😊

  1. Middle Eastern Tapas

This would be a spread for a group of people and means making lots of different dishes, but doesn’t need to be too high maintenance. Its fun to try out dishes you wouldn’t ordinarily make as when there is a group of people trying it, it won’t really go to waste if a few people don’t like it! I like to have:

  1. Hoummous
  2. Ready made
  3. Baba Ganoush
  4. Potatoes
  5. Lamb kebabs
  1. Spiralised vegetarian salad.

Basically, a huge bowl with spiralised vegetables in with Feta and a tasty vinaigrette.  Colourful, easy, healthy and means there is plenty of space for your guests to eat that deliciously rich chocolate dessert that you slaved over in the kitchen (or bought from M&S right?!)

  1. Thai Seabass with fragrant coconut rice.

I love my seafood, can you tell?!  Seabass is such a tasty and delicate fish and is one of my favourites, but this recipe works well with other white fish like cod or haddock, just adjust the cooking times accordingly.

  1. Fajitas

Another favourite of mine.  A particularly unpretentious dish to eat with friends – everyone gets a bit messy with fajitas and that’s part of the fun of it!  This is easily made vegetarian, I like to cook up a pan with Quorn and some cumin and paprika to add to my fajitas instead of chicken, but chunkily cut mushrooms or hard tofu friend with spices work just as well.

  1. Curry

I would generally make a vegetarian curry, rather than a meat curry, but my husband loves a good Lamb curry, so here are my recipes for a lamb bhuna and a vegetable korma.

  1. Mushroom hotpot

Give your guests a large bowl of a tasty , mushroom soup, my recipe is here.  Then put a selection of foods that they can put into the soup themselves, like grilled tofu, grilled haloumi, peppers, crusty bread or spinach.

  1. Chana Masala

A chick pea based dish.  Check out my recipe for it here.  Serve with fluffy basmati rice, a sprinkling of coriander and a few sides like Flat breads, sticky roast chicken, curried cauliflower, curried cumin potatoes and saag aloo for a real feast.

  1. Goats cheese, beetroot and mushroom tart

Bit of a weird mix with the ingredients, but I promise you it goes!  I just cut out circles for the tarts in ready made puff pastry, dollop the vegetable mixture in the middle, egg white the remaining visible pastry and whack in the oven, see here for detailed recipe information.

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