My top ten things to do on a ski holiday for non-skiers

Sounds weird doesn’t it?…Why go on a ski holiday if you aren’t skiing?  Well there are plenty of scenarios; You are going to  a ski resort with friends but can’t ski as you are injured, you may be going with family of all different ages and decide to not ski to stay with other family members who aren’t skiing, you may simply not want to ski as the mountains scare the hell out of you )Like my husband!), or like myself, you may feel uncomfortable skiing due to pregnancy.  Some people happily ski during pregnancy, but I am not comfortable enough in my skiing finesse to be sure that I wont injure myself or my baby – when on a ski holiday, I seem to spend most afternoons whizzing down red runs headfirst on my back, wondering when I will stop and how far I will have to walk back up the slope to pick my ski up… . So here are my suggestions of activities when not skiing in a ski resort.

  1. Go for a walk or a run along some of the mountain paths. There are often paths for walkers that are well trodden in ski resorts and you can still get some amazing views of the mountains and find some inner peace as these paths will generally have less people on them than the pistes themselves.  Just be sure to tell someone where you are going!
  2. Find a cosy café, buy a hot chocolate, read.
  3. Perfect your photography skills. The light in the mountains is so different to what I am used to in the concrete metropolis that I live in, so for me, it is a good place to practice different photography techniques.  Often, the mountain turns a beautiful shade of pink in the evening when the sun goes down, so I try to capture that.
  4. Try out some other winter sports. Have a look round the resort and you may find there is tobogganing available, parasailing, snow shoeing and other fun winter sports.
  5. Try dog sledding. Of course not available in every resort, but this is something that the valley I am visiting offers, and something I am very excited to try!
  6. Find the history! Lanslevillard in Val Cenis, for example is not a purpose-built ski resort and has a lot of history of its own – a beautiful old church, hundred-year-old murals, and I love stumbling across this sort of thing – go for a history exploration!
  7. Treat yourself to a spa day. Pamper yourself – go on, why not…you are after all on holiday!!
  8. Learn to drive a piste basher – yes, in some resorts this is possible!!
  9. Do a cookery class. Learn how to make pastries, or temper chocolate, create tasty sausages or make the best winter fondue.
  10. Find some live music. Kick back and relax with a mulled wine (Or a non alcoholic version!) and listen to a lively local band – this will always brighten my day!

4 thoughts on “My top ten things to do on a ski holiday for non-skiers

  1. Most ski resorts have a cinema, ten pin bowling alley or an ice skating rink (where you can watch if you don’t want to don a pair of skates). My partner and I ran an adventure group for 12 years and organised 2-3 ski holidays every year. One of the best non-skiing events we enjoyed was driving a piste basher. Awesome fun!


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