My top ten “Must see” on the route 66 roadtrip through the USA

After many many years of dreaming about this roadtrip, in July 2017, it became a reality.  We flew out to Chicago and drove the route through to Los Angeles.  The roadtrip took us just under two weeks – unfortunately due to work commitments, we couldn’t take any more time off, but if we could have taken our time a little more, we would have.  Due to our lack of time, and the abundance of things to do and see on route 66, I did a lot of research before we went, to try make sure we saw as much as we could and still make our flight home.  For details of our itinerary, please see the blog post how to spend two weeks driving route 66.  Below are just 10 things that excited me on our holiday.

  1. Pontiac
  2. Meramac Caves
  3. Oklahoma – French silk pie, grandma’s house
  4. Texas steak house
  5. Lincoln’s memorial
  6. Kansas
  7. Food in New Mexico – brunch place
  8. Painted desert/grand canyon valley
  9. Oatman – bring a sunhat and plenty of water
  10. The drive down to the sea in LA

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