How to spend a day in Liverpool

Start the day with a jog around the world heritage site that is the Albert Dock and Pier Head.  Go as early as you can drag yourself out of bed as it can get pretty busy.  Spot the beautiful yachts (you might even catch the start of a race like the clipper round the world race like I did), marvel at the old buildings (apparently over 2500 listed building according to Wikipedia) and check out bars and restaurants you might want to visit later.


Brunch is always a favourite meal of mine and the brunch club serves a tasty and fairly healthy brunch menu all day and they even serve up cocktails if you want them (yes, even at 10 in the morning!).  I had a vegan breakfast of falafel sausage, avocado, baked beans, wilted spinach, hummus and granary bread with a super strong coffee.


Walk to Albert Docks and soak up some local culture at the Beatles Story, for a journey through the Beatles’ career, showing you much memorabilia and history around this local band.


Distance from the Brunch club walking, 0.6miles

Relive your childhood and revel in nostalgia with a ride on the Victorian carousel on your way into the city centre.

Head over to Liverpool One, a modern shopping area for a spot of shopping (if you are my husband – window shopping for me!) and take in the modern complex – quite different from the old buildings around the docks.

Take in some art at the Walker art gallery.  With a mix from pre-Raphaelites to sculptures to modern art, there’s something for everyone and if you’re still not into that, there is the world museum around the corner. Which would surely have something to tickle your taste buds for a least ten minutes.  If you really cannot stand being in a museum or art gallery, there is a café in the world museum that sells great coffee and cakes (and that still counts as getting some culture!!)

Total distance from the Brunch club walking 1.8 miles

Radio city is a great place for some rainy-day sightseeing or a sunny day jaunt.  At 400 feet above Liverpool, it gives great views of the city and even Wales on a clear day.  You don’t need to book in advance, just get there 30 minutes before they close.  All info is here, including tickets purchasing if you are being super organised!  http://yourliverpoolview.com/

Total distance from the Brunch club walking 2.0 miles

Evening activities…

Dinner for me has got to be somewhere near the philharmonic hall.  Some of the restaurants and bars there are so quirky and also open early if you are wanting to see a show.  I would definitely recommend the Refinery for tasty food in a modern restaurant with a twist of chintz and if Andy Williams is singing soulful tunes, which I have experienced before, even better.

Just around the corner from the Refinery is the Death Row Diner for a more informal dinner, but no less tasty or quirky.

Take a short post dinner stroll to the new Metropolitan cathedral – a modern day building unlike any I have ever seen.


If you don’t have a show planned, why not try out one of Liverpool’s comedy clubs?  I’ve been to comedy central at Albert Docks.  You go down some stairs into an underground room which is set out so well in that everyone gets a table and has a good view of the stage.  We had a bottle of wine waiting for us at our table and were entertained by three acts and hosted by John Mayor of Manchester, who I have to say was the star of the show in my opinion!

If you like to plan ahead, try to book a table at the Panoramic 34 and drink a cocktail whilst enjoying the beautiful night-time views over Liverpool.  Pricey, but the tasty cocktails, views and friendly staff make up for it.

If you still want a bit of a party, head over to Eberle Street which is where the party is at…although personally after a nonstop day on my feet, I couldn’t wait to get home, put on my pjs, take off my makeup ad snuggle up to my husband 😊

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