My top ten castles in England.

My husband and I are massive history enthusiast and love to visit a castle or two. A lot of our interests are very different, but visiting a castle is one thing that we always agree on and we often plan a weekend around a castle call.  We recently joined English Heritage for a year as a couple and are currently trying to make our way round their extensive choice of castles under their protection.  By no means have we visited all of the castles in England, but out of the ones we have visited, these are my favourites 😊

  1. Warwick Castle

Warwick, Warwickshire, England

  1. Tower of London

London, England

  1. Tintagel castle,

Tintagel, Cornwall, England

  1. Dover Castle
  2. Alnwick Castle
  3. Leeds Castle
  4. Lincoln Castle
  5. Newark Castle
  6. Framlingham Castle
  7. Goodrich Castle

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